SRIMS Emergency offers numerous programs for skilling students to make them excel by leaps and bounds in their careers within the healthcare sector. SRIMS aims to further promote this by working in conjugation with corporates. We have emerged as the preferred choice amongst numerous organizations for their CSR initiatives.

We proactively work with corporates for creating and executing strategies aligned with their corporate social responsibility objectives. These include operating ambulances, skilling the unemployed youth, conducting training for rural healthcare workers, carrying out road safety initiatives, and creating health awareness for children and women. So be a part of a good cause and help us raise the aspirations of students by providing them with the right skills in healthcare.

SRIMS About Us


Meeting the need for quality healthcare workers

• To improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare delivery through skilled workers

• Create First Responders (persons who are trained to provide emergency care at the scene of an emergency before the arrival of professional medical personnel) in schools, corporates, and communities

• To develop paramedics and other allied healthcare professionals and in the process create employability for unemployed youth

• To up-skill do increase the availability of well-equipped ambulance staffed with trained paramedics


SRIMS Emergency works towards providing assistance in bringing a change in the community by focusing on key function areas such as:

• Road Safety

• First Aid Training

• Skill Development in Healthcare

• Pregnancy and Neonatal care

• Fire Safety

• Mother & Child Safety

• Emergency Medical Response

• First Responder

• School Safety

• Basic Life Support Ambulance

• Community Safety

SRIMS About Us


Transgender Training For VIVO Healthcare

Project: Alliance India partnered to execute a path-breaking initiative of training Transgender to become First Responders and enabling them to save lives.

Challenge: Our society has been following certain myths in treating emergencies. Eradicating those myths and making the participants learn new skills was a big challenge.

Solution: Participants became aware of first aid techniques and gained confidence to handle medical emergencies and saves lives.

nihchal israni
nihchal israni
nihchal israni
nihchal israni

Project: To provide skill development training to students, thus making them specialize in X-Ray Technician, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, Dialysis Technician, Dental Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician Advanced, Radiology Technician course in Haryana & Maharashtra.

Challenge: Students lack financial support and the adequate skills to get placement opportunities in healthcare institutions.

Solution: Nihchal Israni Foundation partnered with SRIMS Emergency and offered scholarship for providing skill-based vocational training in X-Ray Technician, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, Dialysis Technician, Dental Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician Advanced, Radiology Technician to students.

United Way
United Way
United Way
United Way

Project: Preparing kids to combat medical emergencies, conducted First Responder Training for beneficiaries of United Way.

Challenge: Lack of awareness among kids about what to do in the event of a medical emergency.

Solution: SRIMS Emergency trained kids on how to deal with minor and major medical emergencies such as soft tissue injuries, cuts and wounds, impaled objects, fractures and dislocation, splinting and bandaging, choking, fainting, etc. The training provided will help them in handling medical emergencies at home and school as well as in locations where no immediate expert medical help is available.

Godrej Properties
Godrej Properties
Godrej Properties
Godrej Properties

Project: Conducted ‘First Aid Training’ for construction workers in Rajasthan in Maharashtra, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal association with Godrej Properties.

Challenge: Lack of medical emergency infrastructure in the region.

Solution: SRIMS Emergency & Godrej Properties: joined hands to provide Basic First Aid Training to construction worker working at construction sites to manage medical emergencies. Focuses on how to make our work place area more safe & secure.