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SRIMS About Us

Incorporated on 20 November, 2009 SRIMS EMERGENCY SERVICE FOUNDATION├é┬Ł is a non-profit organization setup as a section 25 company to provide free life saving services. Healthcare is arising as a big boom and SRIMS has reinvented the existing healthcare scenario by trying to bring it closer to the patient with its preventive, curative and palliative care. We sponsor and implement programs that promote road safety, prevent accident and create traffic awareness. Our health related programs will help respond to physical emergency situations like fainting, seizures, stroke/brain attack, heat exhaustion, heart attack, cardiac arrest, choking, asthma, allergic reaction, head injury, nose bleed, burns, animal bite, fractures and the like. Steps to help manage and provide first aid during natural disasters like earthquake, fire, flood as well as severe weather is also initiated by us. Further, emergency medical service in the form of ambulance, well-equipped mobile dispensaries, health camps, hospitals and dispensaries are made avail through us.

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